Marketing Portfolio of Joseph Magee

Marketing/Fundraising Samples

Non-Profit Print Newsletter

Year End Appeal Letter

Religious Charity Appeal Letter

Foundation Grant Proposal

Press Releases

HPV Vaccination Program Press Release

Apeiron, LLC Press Release

Announcing the issuance of US Patent 10,167,055 for Variably Expanding Chain Transmission

Writing for a General Audience

Imagine Objective Morality

Blog post on philosophical themes in popular culture.

Catholics in Healthcare and the Texas Medical Center

A short article for the local Catholic newspaper introducing the ministries for Catholic students and healthcare professionals at the Texas Medical Center.

Accompanying Young Adults Who Face Obstacles to Faith

A short article for the local Catholic newspaper about equipping students to address challenges to their faith.

Fasting For Young Adults

A short article for the local Catholic newspaper about spiritual practices for young adults.

A Journey by Bike

A blog on the invention and development of a new bicycle transmission.

Scholarly Philosophical Writings

Unmixing the Intellect: Aristotle on Cognitive Powers and Bodily Organs

In this book, I argue that, according to the principles he develops throughout the De Anima, Aristotle successfully argues for a strong sense of the separateness of mind (nous) insofar as its activity occurs apart from the body.

The Focus on Immanent Activity in the Second Way

A scholarly reappraisal of Aquinas’s Second Way of proving the existence of God.

The Alleged Birthday Fallacy in Aquinas’s Third Way

A scholarly defense of Aquinas’s Third Way of proving the existence of God against the charge that he commits a fallacy of composition.

Sense Organs and the Activity of Sensation in Aristotle

A scholarly analysis and appraisal of Aristotle’s views on the role of sense organs in perception.


Variably Expanding Chain Transmission (U.S. 10,167,055)

A bicycle transmission which allows a bicycle operator to change the radius of a pedal crank’s transmission gear as sliding gear segments, radially arranged on a base ring assembly, vary their relative radial position from the center of the base plate.

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