Happy Non-Feast Day of Saint Thomas Aquinas

I noted on the actual — that is to say, observed (by the Holy Church of Rome) — Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas on January 28, 2022 and 2021, that that date is not the one on which the Angelic Doctor entered upon his eternal reward, but the date when his relics were transferred fromContinue reading “Happy Non-Feast Day of Saint Thomas Aquinas”

TMC Catholic Apologetics Now Live!

Over the years I have produced a lot of content explaining the reasons for Catholic hope (1 Peter 3:15), which I presented in videos, blog posts, philosophical web pages, class notes or in good, ol’ fashion, print material. A curious public wishing to find this content scattered across various and disparate media can now beContinue reading “TMC Catholic Apologetics Now Live!”

Happy Feast of Fra Angelico/Blessed John of Fiesole, OP (belated)

From this Facebook post by the friars of the Western Dominican Province, I just learned that yesterday, February 18, was the feast day of one of my favorite artists and Dominican saints and blesseds, Fra Angelico, or Blessed John of Fiesole. Bl. John was born in 1395 and died on yesterday’s date 1455. In hisContinue reading “Happy Feast of Fra Angelico/Blessed John of Fiesole, OP (belated)”

Happy Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas – 2022

In my last post, I bemoaned the misconceptions under which Hollywood labors when averring that anyone disagreeing with Saint Thomas Aquinas’s faced testicular peril from the medieval Church (and possibly still does). For some contemporary confirmation that no such threat persists, one can look to the case of Fr. Thomas Reese, S.J., who has declaredContinue reading “Happy Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas – 2022”

Another Misrepresentation of Saint Thomas Aquinas by Hollywood – Thanks George Clooney!

I just finished watching The Tender Bar starring Ben Affleck, Ty Sheridan, and Daniel Ranieri (among others) on Amazon Prime Video. Overall, I liked the movie with pretty good performances from a pretty good cast. But, at one point JR (Sheridan), the story’s protagonist and narrator, complains about having to read Aquinas in his studiesContinue reading “Another Misrepresentation of Saint Thomas Aquinas by Hollywood – Thanks George Clooney!”

A Somewhat (Im)Personal Interlude

In my last post, I indicated that part of the reason I am (still) Catholic (and you can, too) is that, besides not being driven away by bad Catholics, I came to understand that God’s existence can be demonstrated (to at least as high a level of certainty as one finds in other areas ofContinue reading “A Somewhat (Im)Personal Interlude”

Making Sense of Things That Come to Be

I return now to my ongoing project of giving an apologia, or a reasoned defense of why I am Catholic and why I believe as I do, provoked, as I was, to provide one as by a certain religiously skeptical college student. This project I began in the post All Good and Deserving of AllContinue reading “Making Sense of Things That Come to Be”

All Souls Day and Why There Is Purgatory (and Indulgences)

After All Saints Day and its spooky (though thoroughly Catholic) vigil, Halloween, we come to the third of the fall Triduum of the Afterlife: All Souls Day (or in its Mexican (and thoroughly (or at least mostly) Catholic) manifestation, Dia de los Muertos). And after discussing who the saints are, and what constitutes life inContinue reading “All Souls Day and Why There Is Purgatory (and Indulgences)”

All Saints Day and Eternal Life

Amid the annual fall questions and confusion about the alleged pagan origins of Halloween on October 31, and the role of purgatory in the celebration of All Souls Day (November 2), Catholics pay less attention to the celebration of All Saints Day (November 1) than they should. For, the life of the saints in heavenContinue reading “All Saints Day and Eternal Life”