Notes on Rational Knowledge (Intellect) Posted

I have posted edited and expanded notes on the nature of rational knowledge taken from my undergraduate days at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology initially written by A. Moreno, OP (of happy memory) and M. Dodds, OP. I am immensely grateful for the introduction and instruction in Thomistic philosophy as a young friarContinue reading “Notes on Rational Knowledge (Intellect) Posted”

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – Part II: Hollywood versus Nihilism – Thanks Daniels

In a previous post, I noted that the film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once mischaracterizes the admittedly unjust condemnation, and worse, the penalty, Galileo received as the result of his two trials for heresy by the Holy Office of the Roman Inquisition of the Catholic Church. In that post I gave instead a more accurate,Continue reading “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – Part II: Hollywood versus Nihilism – Thanks Daniels”

Saint Thomas’s Skull Is on the Move

Two years ago, in my first Happy Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas post, I explained that January 28 was chosen as the date to commemorate his joining the Blessed in Heaven, not because it was the date of his entrance into that blessed state (i.e., the date of his death, March 7 (though, until 1969Continue reading “Saint Thomas’s Skull Is on the Move”

Happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor

Today, January 28, marks the annual celebration of the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas, source, inspiration and patron of the Thomistic Philosophy Page. Saint Thomas was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church by Pope Saint Pius V in 1567, and over the centuries, the Church has conferred on Saint Thomas three doctoral designations: the AngelicContinue reading “Happy Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor”

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – Part I: Hollywood versus History

Alas, another Hollywood film has failed in its primary responsibility of accurately depicting the history of disputes of Catholic philosophy and theology, however oblique its reference to this history. In the film, Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, the movie’s antagonist, Jobu Tupaki, says “For most of our history, we knew the Earth was the centerContinue reading “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once – Part I: Hollywood versus History”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Thomist

Today is the US federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the primary leaders of the US Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and ’60’s. He led protests and rallies of non-violent civil disobedience across the American South to overturn unjust laws protecting and promoting racial discrimination. Dr. King wasContinue reading “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Thomist”

Happy Non-Feast Day of Saint Thomas Aquinas

I noted on the actual — that is to say, observed (by the Holy Church of Rome) — Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas on January 28, 2022 and 2021, that that date is not the one on which the Angelic Doctor entered upon his eternal reward, but the date when his relics were transferred fromContinue reading “Happy Non-Feast Day of Saint Thomas Aquinas”

TMC Catholic Apologetics Now Live!

Over the years I have produced a lot of content explaining the reasons for Catholic hope (1 Peter 3:15), which I presented in videos, blog posts, philosophical web pages, class notes or in good, ol’ fashion, print material. A curious public wishing to find this content scattered across various and disparate media can now beContinue reading “TMC Catholic Apologetics Now Live!”