Links to On-line Texts of St. Thomas Aquinas.

Opera Omina – The Complete Works of St. Thomas Aquinas in Latin

  • Corpus Thomisticum, collected and maitained by Enrique Alarcón at the Universidad de Navarra, Spain.  The texts are grouped in blocks of several chapters or questions.  The site also has other useful information including a bibliography. 

Individual Texts of Aquinas: English Title – Latin Title (Date of composition.)

  • On the Principles of Nature – De Principiis Naturae (1252-56).
    • Latin (English translation in progress.)
  • On Being and Essence – De Ente et Essentia (1252-56)
  • On the Truth of the Catholic Faith – Summa contra Gentiles (1259-64).
  • Summa of Theology – Summa Theologiae (1266-73)
  • On the Eternity of the World – De Aeternitate Mundi (1270).
  • On the Motion of the Heart – De Motu Cordis (1270-71)

Commentary on the Psalms – Postilla super Psalmos (1272-73).

Disputed Question on the Union of the Word Incarnate – Quaestio Disputata de Unione Verbi Incarnati (1272, but see note.)

Other sites with links to Thomistic texts (from which most of the above links are drawn).

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