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Although the witings of Brother Thomas tend to be as ponderous as the thoughts they contain, occasionally Thomas does let a little ironic levity show through.

Now such like words or deeds wherein nothing further is sought than the soul’s delight, are called playful or humorous. Hence it is necessary at times to make use of them, in order to give rest, as it were, to the soul. This is in agreement with the statement of the Philosopher (Ethic. iv, 8) that “in the intercourse of this life there is a kind of rest that is associated with games”: and consequently it is sometimes necessary to make use of such things.

Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae II-II, q. 168, a. 2

851. Amusement does have an aspect of good inasmuch as it is useful for human living. As man sometimes needs to give his body rest from labors, so also he sometimes needs to rest his soul from mental strain that ensues from his application to serious affairs. This is done by amusement.

Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Ethics of Aristotle, Book IV, Lecture 16, C. I. Litzinger, tr. (ND: Dumb Ox Press, 1993)

Below you find links to various pages containing some things that those interested in Aquinas might find amusing.

Aquinas’ hymn Adoro te devote sung (badly) to the tune of The Yellow Rose of Texas

vibes with aquinas – beats to relax/study to – I thought this was funny/cute

There is a K-Pop musician/rapper who goes by the name “Aquinas” (his baptismal name).

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